New Motorola Phones – another source in Europe confirms multiple versions and colors.


Multiple new Motorola Phones listed in Denmark:

G14 4+128GB Butter Cream | Sky Blue | Steel Grey
G54 4+128GB Ambrosia | Ballad Blue | Coronet | Outer Space
G54 8+256GB Ballad Blue | Outer Space
G84 12+256GB Outer Space | Ballad Blue | Viva Magenta
Edge 40 Neo 12+256GB Neo Black Beauty | Caneel Bay | Soothing Sea.

This list mostly matches – but also extends – the previous information, – obvously there are different configs ordered by different retailers / etailers.

The only contradicting information here is one of Edge 40 Neo colors, – “Soothing Sea” is mentioned at the website of the etailer, – and not “Soothing Green” I mentioned earlier. Soothing Sea is indeed the proper Pantone color (and Soothing Green not… yet), but “Soothing Sea” is way different than the image in Motorola / Lenovo teaser that showed earlier (which pretty much matched the soothing green). – so I for now I assume soothing sea could be wrong, but we will know it for sure soon.


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