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Every day, /LEAKS Contributors from all around the world post, vote, and comment on leaks organized around categories, brands, operating systems and devices.
/LEAKS Contributors can submit leaked content, such as text, pictures and videos.

Because we wanted to go far beyond, we also allow our Members to vote submissions up (LEGIT!) or down (FAKE!) in order to assigns them a truthiness rating (pending TRUST SCORE) which helps our visitors to track leaks and sources veracity during their lifecycle.

Once a device made official, all related leaks are either marked as confirmed (CONFIRMED!) or debunked (BUSTED!) what settles the overall ACCURACY SCORE of the device leaks and impacts the ACCURACY SCORE of each individual leak sources.

Leaks (/l), Brands (/b), Categories (/c), Operating Systems (/o) and Devices (/d) sections allows you to browse leaks by time period and current state (PENDING, CONFIRMED, BUSTED, LOCKED). Each section shows detailed statistics including the number of submitted leaks, Contributors, views as well as the current truthiness rating based on Members votes or final accuracy state.

The Contributors Leaderboard (/u) ranks our members based on (in order of weight) their accuracy, the number of submitted leaks and the cumulative views.
Contributors Profile Pages tracks all of the leaks shared by our Contributors and show off how accurate each of them is based on his accuracy score and unlocked badges.

The Sources Leaderboard (/s) tracks and ranks the most active and popular sources from all around the world based on (in order of weight) their accuracy and the number of shared leaks.
Sources Profile Pages tracks all of the leaks shared by each single source and show off how accurate that source is based on his accuracy score.

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  • Join and leak with us by creating a /LEAKS account!
  • Get used to check for new rules, prohibitions and other news issued within the PSA card pinned on top of Home and leaks publishing/editing pages.
  • Use proper grammar and spelling.
  • Search for duplicates/reposts before posting.
  • Respect sources by looking for the original source(s) of the leaks you submit.
    • Often, a blog will credit a leaker, which credits another leaker, and so on with everyone trying to benefit from the visibility generated by the leak.
    • Please dig through those intermediary sources and submit a link to the very original source(s) who actually deserves to be highlighted.
    • However, if you have found a leak by the way of someone else or a website, you can credit it as an additional source but only in case the later credited the original source.
  • Keep your submission titles relevant, useful, provide context, and be descriptive. Please note that titles cannot be edited.
  • Post specific devices related leaks only! All submitted leaks must be related to specific devices in some way (unreleased device or dedicated accessories pictures, videos, specs, price, launch date, etc…).
  • Double check your submission for mistakes before submitting, especially the title of the submission. Be aware that submissions can be edited within an hour after being published. Make sure the facts you provide are accurate to avoid any confusion down the line.
  • Please get used to browse the new submissions and share your opinion on their reliability/accuracy by using the « LEGIT » and « FAKE » buttons.


  • Post leaks not related to a specific device like software leaks. Be warned that off topic submissions will be locked or removed. Contributors in violation may be flagged as unreliable by unlocking specific badges and in worse cases, get banned.
  • Post certification and benchmark leaks for a device which you are not able to clearly identify. However, this type of leaks is allowed if you are able to name the device by its commercial moniker based on the model number or codename used by the certification or benchmark platform.
  • Post retail box pictures or videos if no details like specifications or price are revealed. However, there is an exception if the retail box reveals the device design for the very first time.
  • Post leaked patent material and details.
  • Post leaks related to rebranded or rebadged devices intended to be marketed in other countries/markets than the originally unveiled device.
  • Write titles in ALL CAPS.
  • Use link shorteners to credit the leak source(s).
  • Use /LEAKS to promote yourself.
    • It’s not strictly forbidden to submit a link to your own website or social account as the submitted leak source but this only applies to leaks of which you are the very original source.
    • In short, if your contribution to / LEAKS consists mostly of submitting leaked content you have found somewhere on the Internet but nevertheless crediting yourself as the original source by adding a link to your own website or social media account as the source, you’re almost certainly a self-promotion spammer and will be banned.
    • Note that we have a much respect for sources and are very picky when it comes to credit them.
    • Thus, we do our utmost to highlight the original sources by checking each submission in order to update the source(s) in case the original source(s) were not properly credited.
  • Vote « FAKE » on a likely legit/accurate leak just because you don’t personally like it. Same goes in case you don’t like the Contributor or leak source(s). In short, vote based on the content only.


The following sources are banned

  • 08.14.2020 : Agrawalji Technical (Used to share fake / made-up leaks)
  • 02.22.2021 : Tech in Deep (Used to share leaked content as his own exclusives without crediting the original sources)
  • 05.10.2022 : Mayank Kumar (Used to share leaked content as his own exclusives without crediting the original sources)
  • 05.16.2022 : Mukul Sharma (Used to share leaked content as his own exclusives without crediting the original sources)
  • 12.21.2022 : Gaurav Agrawal (Used to share fake / made-up leaks)


  1. Can anyone submit a leak?
    Sure! All you need is to become a Contributor by creating a /LEAKS account!
  2. What is the Contributors and Sources ACCURACY SCORE and how it is determined?
    The Contributors and Sources accuracy score reflects the reliability of each of our Contributors and credited sources based on the percentage of accurate leaks he shared. If the Contributor or source has shared 2 leaks and 1 of them has been CONFIRMED and the other has been BUSTED, his accuracy score will be 50%. Please note that LOCKED leaks are not taken into account for the accuracy score computation.
  3. Does /LEAKS have a built-in Dark Mode?
    Yes, but this feature is available for our members only.