XIAOMI BLACK SHARK 2 antutu score over 430k


Xiaomi Black Shark 2 (Skywalker) real AnTuTu test.

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5 responses to “XIAOMI BLACK SHARK 2 antutu score over 430k”

  1. GOURAV TIWARY says:

    Missing Source!

  2. Santeri Peltokangas says:

    Isn’t it a huge coincidence that Xiaomi devices always get massive inflated scores on AnTuTu, while Huawei devices always score way below expectations? AnTuTu AI benchmark gives the Poco F1 a top score of 100k, while other devices with the same exact specs and stock software like OP6T get 80-90k, Mate 20 Pro gets just 60k…

    • CK says:

      Antutu has some ties with Xiaomi I suspect. I mean 855 is 855.. there’s only so much you can optimize without resorting to outright cheating. Seeing as how S10 with 855 scores around 330k?ish,. This score is just massively deceptive if anything.

    • zeroflte (S6 lover) says:

      antutu is owned by the same people who own xiaomi and cheetah mobile

  3. Salva says:

    Maybe use lpddr5 and/or ufs3.0.

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