Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra prototype spotted in the wild

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  • Haskell Java

    hmm.. looks good at a glance.. but… those bezel… 😁😁😁

    • New design with same bezels. xD

      • Nodar Sixarulidze

        New Design Only H8XXX Series with Slim Bezel

        • Who knows? 🙂

          • People who “cane see” and “can read”?

          • 😂😂😂

          • I know You didn’t know, but that doesn’t mean that others didn’t read about it…

    • Santos

      The sensors on the front camera are biggers than other phone, that is why it cannot be reduced

      • But A8 2018 also have dual front camera, and it has 18:9 display (not like S8, but 18:9 display anyways…) so why SONY didn’t do same with XA Series?

        • Santos

          3 logical reasons:
          1- The sensors are smaller in the A8, The front sensors of the XA line are equivalent to the rear sensors of other telephones in the same range.

          2- 16:9 is much better, If you want to see full 16: 9 content, add black edges much larger than the bezels of this Xperia Otherwise the image is cropped to fill the screen, which is not good either.

          3- Avoid heating problems, 2 larger sensors produce more heat. Combined with the backlight of the screen would generate serious heating problems. The Amoled screens do not have backlighting, so they do not have this problem.

  • First leak in 2018 i guess… XD


    Dual front camera?

  • sotaM rednaxelA

    Have motion eye?

  • S6isBoss

    on the sides”

  • sotaM rednaxelA

    :-/ Maybe next year.

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