Samsung Galaxy S8 case

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  • MQHD

    in 1 hand, it is MIKKE we talking about, 99% accuracy, but in the other.. it looks like a 16:11 phone
    looks more like the Note 1, than the Note 7, if you get the reference

    • As you said, that’s our magnificent Mikke boy but that being said, 99% accuracy ain’t 100%. Even Mikke is sometimes wrong.

  • romcika

    My guess is stereo speakers.

    • Neil C. Forty

      I thought about that too, because both top and bottom openings are placed directly opposite to each other. Maybe no headphone jack?

    • Same assumption for us

      • Geffá Oliveira

        Yes! One on the top, and one on the bottom. Now, what I’m wondering here is the other opening, the other one at the bottom… doesn’t look USB-C…. maybe S Pen? and actually no USB charging and only wireless?

        • Exactly our guess. Dual stereo speakers, wireless charging only, stylus, no headphone jack.

          • Geffá Oliveira

            exactly! I just saw your reply after posting my other finding.

            In Ghostek at the bottom there is a tiny opening for mic, in the same place where is this bigger rounded opening in this case. Guess no USB-C, no headphone jack, and a S Pen!!!

      • Geffá Oliveira

        it could be only wireless charging. Check Ghostek cases. They always had a latch to open for charging, and in the render that is out there are no ports, no latches.

        • Geffá Oliveira

          I just hope the screen is not bigger than 5 inches…. damn I don’t like big phones. Almost changing my S7 to a A3 2017

      • Geffá Oliveira

        AND, I will tell you more. Analyzing Ghostek case, at the bottom there is a microphone tiny hole, and this other case, in the same place, there is a bigger opening where people are thinking is the headphone jack… I’m starting to think that there will be no headphone jack also

  • Zyad Atef

    Headphone Jack , Hmmmmm?

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