Samsung Galaxy Note 8 schematics

Snapdragon 835/Exynos 9XXX -Chips
Upto 256GB Storage
6.4″ QHD+ or 4K Super-Amoled display.

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  • Daimon

    Man I can’t wait for the note 8 to come out, I really hope it matches the s8 plus in screen size at least 6.2 or bumped up to 6.4 inches. Please don’t make this a 5.7 or 5.8 inch screen like the past notes, it’s time for a big change. I currently still have my note 4 and I’m planning to upgrade this year to the note 8. I like big screens for sure. Also hope samsung can throw in 5gb or 6gb of ram at least to help reduce lag. I don’t care to much for 4k cause it’ll eat up to much battery life, unless there’s an option to turn it off when need be. Crossing my fingers for this phone :).

    • Cynthia Raftus

      Also cant wait for the Note 8, Im really hoping the size will be accurate, I am fond of the larger device !!!

      • Daimon

        I have a note 4, had it since day one of its release its a good phone but it’s been through 2 repairs already. I think when I upgrade to the note 8 I’ll be geting a very solid quality phone. Samsung is going all out on the note 8 they have to win consumers back and will succeed. It would be nice to have a removable battery, guess sometimes you can’t alway everything.

      • You know if the idiots at samsung had made the note 7 with a removable battery, they wouldn’t of had to scrap th

  • Lrrp

    You know if the idiots at samsung had made the note 7 with a removable battery, they wouldn’t of had to scrap the whole phone. Can’t imagine they’ll be any smarter this time. Meanwhile my note 4 does all I need

    • Cynthia Raftus

      LOVE MY NOTE 5 !!!

      • doncorneo

        The bad thing about the 5 is it does not have a memory card slot. It is the easiest way to save important information, especially if the phone is damaged.
        As long as Samsung does actually add the memory card slot I’ll be most likely upgrading to the Note 8, if it ever gets released.

  • Todd

    It would be awesome of they made the battery removable, but by removing screws to expose a sealed panel, so that it could have a removable battery, yet retain ip68.

  • Jorge Caseiro

    Also waiting for Note 8. My “old” 4 edge recently gained wings in sombody┬┤s hands and no perfect replacement can be found. Please Samsung, expedite!!!

  • Ruy Alves da Silva

    I have the lg g4, I love the note 8.

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