Possible Note8 Schematics.

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  • iammulzibanu

    Order of display sizes (~Inches-18.5:9 Aspect-Ratio) Samsung’s Flagships should HAVE/BE~(S8,S8+/Note8) launched with
    S8 ~5.8
    S8+ ~6.0
    Note8 ~6.2

    Hardware ~Ram-Storage-Chip
    S8 ~4GB-64GB-Exynos8895/Snapdragon835
    S8+ ~4/6GB-64/128GB-Exynos8895/Snapdragon835
    Note8 ~4/6GB-64/128GB-ExynosTBA/Snapdragon836

    6.0~S8+ & 6.2~Note8 -(Depending on how you look at it although Note8 will have sharper edges)

    This designs solves Samsung’s S8 & S8+ problems/cons
    ~Fingerprint scanner positioning.
    ~Lack of dual camera.
    ~Lack of Dual Speakers.

    ~Note8’s Dual Camera may come with Daydream VR, Google Tango & Support for Augmented Reality, Similar to Asus Zenfone AR.

    ~Heart-rate sensor is now embedded into the fingerprint sensor.

    ~Button in red between Volume buttons is the Do Not Disturb/Alert-(On/Off) Slider.

    Hopefully the above schematics in text & the ones on the image will be seen on Samsung’s 2018 lagships including the Note8. They might even be adopted by Apple’s~Iphone8 or even Oneplus~6.

    I’ve done this leak purely on an enthusiastic level, (Although design has Copyrights).

    Email ~iammulzibanu@gmail.com

    • S6isBoss #SamsungKnights

      kys braindead paki

  • S6isBoss #SamsungKnights

    judging by the sanity of the leaker (read the comment below), this is probably fake (sadly)

    • iammulzibanu

      Not a Leak, Just how things should & should have been

      • S6isBoss #SamsungKnights

        then why the fuck waste our time posting it?

  • Shawkoth Khan (SRK)

    So these schematics are just made up and not actual leaks?

  • Santeri Peltokangas

    Samsung is apparently still having problems to mass-produce an embedded scanner secure enough for their requirements, so they are looking for other solutions. The S8 scanner is so slow because it’s secure, Huawei scanners are blazing fast but can literally be tricked with sticky tape.

    Samsung is right now looking into placing the scanner inside the bottom bezel, because it’s just empty space with no use. A scanner there would basically be the exact same as having one inside the bottom part of the screen, and any problems with a scanner in that place can be solved with software. Apple has no bottom bezel, meaning they must find a solution for an in-screen scanner (delaying release), or they have to not have a fingerprint scanner in the device at all. Both choices are difficult, and Samsung is getting a head start thanks to the bottom bezel:

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leak added on 06/11/2017


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