OnePlus 5T leaks in full ahead of launch (high-resolution pictures + full specs)

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  • Zyad Atef

    This is the best leak yet i saw on /LEAKS. Great work Dimitri ☺️

    • WOrld1

      Yeah, this is 100% legit and with all confirmation (even we basically know all) with a week before revival

      • Punit Jain

        Does it have waterproofing??

        • WOrld1

          I usually don’t care about it so I didn’t check.
          However I search but can’t one anything like OP5.
          See the specs images below but they don’t say nothing about it

          • Punit Jain

            Thanks plz post about it if u know it’s coming

  • Nuno Ramos

    I can’t find the specs
    Thank you

    • Zyad Atef

      Just tell me if you are drunk or no…😑

      • Nuno Ramos

        Chill mate just 9h hours of work I can’t see nothing

        • Zyad Atef

          You need sleep bro…

    • TheP

      In the pic, just click “Expand gallery” on the right.

  • Carmen Arciola

    I thought the OP 5T was supposed to have a larger battery and release with Oreo installed?

  • Cipher


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leak added on 11/10/2017


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