Next-Gen iPhone 9 2018 LCD 6.06 inch with All Other Varients


upcoming 6.06-inch LCD screen variant of the iPhone 9 could be priced at $699 (Rs. 48,859) in India.

this time around, all the variants of the upcoming iPhone 9 would have Face ID.

there have also been rumours about the next-generation iPhone X and an iPhone X Plus versions. Both of these models will have OLED screen, there have also been videos that show off the new design for these phones, but their authenticity is still in question.

Note: All Chineese Companies Copied iPhone X 2017 (2017) Design ….This year lil Suprise from Apple Only for 2 Higher End Models iPhone X PRO and iPhone X Plus features something very different . Futher,No informations avaiable untill now..I will keep you updated later on

Indian Prices Trusted Sources
iPhone LCD BASE VARIENT = 55,000 3Gb 5 Color Varients Nov Released 64gb/256gb 6.06inch
iPhone X Pro AMOLED variants = 65,000 to 85,000 Rs 3GB/4GB Mid Nov 64/256gb/512gb 5.85inch
iphone X DUAL Sim OLED features = 90,000 to 1 Lakh
Not available in India 256Gb/512gb 6.46inch

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