iPhone X spotted on Geekbench with 3GB RAM and IOS 11 [UPDATED: iPhone 8 Plus]

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  • What’s up with those shitty kibuilder links, certainly not touching that. It’s pretty sad to use these kind of services on sources, you know the ones your site runs on.

  • Joran Bloem

    Basically an A10x plus a bit then and graphics won’t be as good as the iPad pros yet either. Honestly I expected more.

    • Kenpachi Zaraki

      A10X is twice the size and 3 core instead of 2 core, completely different. This close to 40% improvement on iphone 7 performance, A11X will be a monster.

      • Joran Bloem

        This is also a 6-core and it’s a bit meh. More efficient, not much faster.

    • Northern Libtard

      Remember, A11 has custom GPU from Apple and it is 30% faster than A10 GPU. So, in all likelihood, A11 GPU is better than A10X.

      • Joran Bloem

        Nope. A10x still definitely has a 20-30% more powerful gpu.

  • Manley Evangelista

    Holy shit. That thing is slightly more powerful than my laptop.

    • Karan Raj

      x86 can’t be directly compared to mobiles.

      • Jammi

        Sure it can. The only difference is the software they run.

        • Greg

          No, you really can not. ARM is uses Reduced Instruction Set Computing vs a x86 chip which uses Complete Instruction Set Computing. It is not just the software they run, it is the functionality of each.
          It is like trying to compare a big rig truck to a passenger vehicle like a sports car…
          Why do you think you can’t have full fledged Adobe Premiere Pro on an ARM chip? Because it would run like absolute fecal matter or may not even actually compile at all due to the limited instruction set that is required for such programs.

          • Northern Libtard

            Geekbench scores ARE comparable across platforms.

          • Greg

            …it is still an apples to oranges comparison.
            Geekbench is a mobile first benchmark which means it contains next to nothing that you might test a desktop system with. This is even before we even touch the compiler aspect of cross platform software, the compilers used can optimize different software and geekbench is specifically designed so it targets mobile first with compilations.

      • paige4o4

        This line has become a refrain for many.

    • Fozzy Bear

      And probably more expensive.

  • Adrian J

    If those are fake, and they both sport the same cpu, ehhh

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