Galaxy S9 screenshot confrims vertical camera and fingerprint scanner on the back

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  • Santeri Peltokangas

    I think that this is a legitimate screenshot taken with the S9+, because almost everything matches in place perfectly when I view the screenshot fullscreen on my S8+. The only difference is that there’s more empty space on the status bar sides than there would normally be in the S8+, meaning that the display will be even more rounded out than the S8 display.

    The Note 8 has less empty space on the status bar sides because the display corners aren’t as rounded out as the S8 display corners, more empty space = more round display corners.

    I’m a bit disappointed that the navigation buttons haven’t changed from the S8 (no major UX changes), but this might be just a prototype device that isn’t running real software yet.

    • I don’t think so, looks like the normal S9…

      • Santeri Peltokangas

        But when viewed fullscreen with the S8+, the DPI is the same, meaning this screenshot was taken with a bigger screen phone. The status bar is too thin for a small display phone, S8+ is 6.2 inches and the status bar thickness matches.

  • Muhammad Naqvi

    I think this is legit becuase i viewed the same page on a S8 plus and its very similar in terms of ui. I understand that its a prototype but it looks very similar to S8+. And the fact that it is in chinese language makes it more legit because it might be coming directly from the factory. Also there is alot of space between the notification and the sides of the phone so it could be that samsung will make the S9+ more rounded than the S8+. Since everyone is saying the screenshot fits perfectly on S8+ we might see the same size on the S9+ with even smaller bezels. A little leak like this can provide so much info. Recent leaks are showing the benchmarks with 4GB of ram. But that might be a prototype and the final version might have 6GB like the Note 8. As you might know we saw a case leak from Ghostek that had the heart rate under the camera. That leak is most likely false. The same company’s S8 leak from last year was also fake and it probably is this year as well. This is probably a legitimate S9+ screenshot because everything is lining up with the S8+ DPI.

    • Santeri Peltokangas

      Yep, the S9 will get a single camera and 4GB of RAM, the S9+ will get dual camera and 6GB of RAM. The camera will be greatly updated from the S7/S8, because Samsung’s 2017 flagship flip phone (W2018) already has a better camera than the S8.

      The S8 camera aperture is 1.7 while the W2018 flip phone camera aperture is 1.5, smaller aperture means better and sharper pictures in low light. The W2018 flip phone actually has the smallest aperture camera of any phone in the world right now (second place is LG V30 with 1.6), and the S9/S9+ will only improve from this.

    • So because the screen shots fits perfectly on the S8+ it’s probably a legitimate S9+ screenshot. Lol, sounds legit.

  • yavuz bayram

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