Galaxy S8 pictured next to iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7 Edge

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  • Grazegeek


  • patstar5

    Tall and narrow, I think I’ll keep my s7e for now.

  • Pooter –

    F all that. I’m perfectly happy with my LG V20. i like being able to replace my battery, access my sd card without some dumbass tool. only thing i miss is samsung pay which i used regularly.

    • Sean Bennett

      You know that you can use the Android Pay app in place of that, right?

      • Pooter –

        no really? lol …i’m kidding yes i know this but it does not function quite as well.

    • see you when it bootloops, lolololol

      • Pooter –

        Why would it boot loop? Only if youre stupid enough to f up during root. I dont have a need to root so therefore it shouldn’t boot loop.

        • It’ll bootloop because LG phones are faulty as fuck. LG G4, G5 and V10 all bootlooped. I’ll never trust LG for a smartphone.

          • Pooter –

            Well thats you. Ive never had any issues with the v20. Its warranty is valid so if it does fuck up it’ll get replaced. No big deal

          • 0️00Nock

            Haha. I still see people on forums talking about how they still love LG and “fuck all
            ” to anyone that mocks them. I’ve seen those people talk about how they’ve gotten 4 replaced phones. Why go through all of that with tons of downtime with no phone and uptime with a refurbished one, when you can get a better phone and not have to deal with all of that?

          • Pooter –

            the deciding factor with me is the damn non removable battery in the S6, 7, 8 series samsung. i have 2 batteries. i do IT work. and i need the phone up and running. like i said ive never had any issues with the LG V20. i’ve had 4 replacement S7’s though. one a battery problem, one a boot loop and freeze issue, one time the audio amplifier on the board took a crap, and another a botched OTA update. LG, not one issue.

  • elleesttrois

    I want my Note 7 back. I hate my S7 edge. For the first week I had it, I couldn’t stop bugging my eyes out to open it. Grrr.

  • Josh

    I don’t understand why Samsung still thinks the screen being curved on the side is a good idea.

    • Morten Ulv

      It looks good and it sells. So it’s a very good idea.

    • leonffs

      1) They offer the standard way as well in addition to the edge style.
      2) Lots of people prefer and buy the Edge.

      • Tegamal

        Rumor has it there will be no non-edge version this time around.

      • Kyle J

        I’m fine with that but I wish they would offer both versions. I have the S6 flat screen now. When I first got the phone I had the edge for a week but swapped it out within a week. I really don’t find it useful or practical.

    • and it actually is useful and convenient. you can complain all you want until you use it.

      • Josh

        I have used it. I just don’t think the usefulness outweighs the awkwardness. Can’t the same functionality of swiping over from the edge be accomplished without the curve?

        • It can be. It wouldn’t feel as smooth (I know it doesn’t really matter, I agree) All I’m saying is edge phones aren’t bad. They are not vital, yes, but they are quite alright.

          (though I hate the fact that they are pretty much impossible to apply screen protectors. thank god they are pretty durable)

  • Ant

    I’m sorry if your feelings are hurt… that iPhone is so butt ugly next to the s8, wow. That oversized chin and bezel.

  • Bill

    I want a new Samsung Note smart phone
    The one they forced me to turn was the BEST phone I ever had !!!

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