Even more Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ pictures

Even more sharp close-up pictures. One of them showing yet unseen sensors below the earpiece. (the source – a screen protector manufacturer – has requested to remain anonymous in order to avoid Samsung’s retaliations)

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  • Kpkumar4u

    Dimitri12❤ Lots of Respect for You and your leaks sir???

  • Ata

    I cant really understand. Why none of the people how could access these phones can upload a high res video or high res photos? or at least a longer video show the UI and changes. Why none of them post a screenshot from phone detail’s page?

    • disqus_qNZaphulDC

      I think they might have the new s8 with old software. Most these leakers seem to be from case and screen protector manufacturers so all they have is the design of the phone. The rest might be an old camera, and so on. Just a theory, I know Apple does this.

    • Some times there even no software at all, just a brick for case manufacturers. And anyway there strict NDA, and if it is just low quality pic no problems for author.

  • Alan Goldman

    how about adding a S7 Edge in the pic for a size comparison to both of these?

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