Alleged first Galaxy S8 edge live picture leaks out

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  • Lars

    So where are the software buttons? Looks like a Photoshopped Edge.

    • Stefan-Gabriel Muscalu

      Software buttons don’t have to always show, just like the Xperia Z, the software buttons only show when you swipe up from the bottom.

      • Lars

        But in the settings, they should always be visible – right? 🙂 Anyway, the photo doesn’t seem legit to me.

      • I’ll just leave this here:


  • #Note5 IsBoss

    What it looks like doesn’t matter it’s all about software and what it does as well as camera and storage. Day one of launch will be my purchase as usual for the S8EDGEPLUS

  • Nahuel Siviero

    2300×1080 confirmed

    lmao this dude cant photoshop for shit

    even the bottom part of the screen is not in line with the edges, just look below the G from Google

  • Confirmed fake.

  • LOOKS LIKE A PIECE OF CRAP. Like every other SWINESUNG product ever made.

    • MDriver3

      Looks like an apple fan, Live every other apple fans haters that looking for these posts to comment like that.
      Oh yeah and Samsung*. If you dont know what I mean, dont come to these posts to comment like that.

      • Looks like a brain washed Swinesung sheep that thinks if anyone hates there corrupt,thief company it must be someone who uses Crappy right? ummmm No. Sorry Sheep. I just don’t support a garbage company who steals and copies . Don’t worry ill wait for the butt hurt response.

        • Toetag

          copy iPhone??? Lol.. funny how iPhone 8 is going to an OLED screen. Oh and didn’t you iPhone fanboys just get wireless charging on iPhone 7? Maybe Samsung copied those paper weights years ago but by the looks of it the tables have turned. Samsung is innovating unlike apple. apple is losing the smartphone market oh and don’t wanna forget about the mac book bahahaha. Tim cook just took 15% pay cut cause apple missed internal revenue. Obviously they are doing something wrong

          • Funny Wireless Charging was not invented by Android Prd. Funny how Swinesung admitted in court to having a 150 Book dedicated to copying the iphone(look it up for you self sheep) Swinesung has been declining for 3 years straight and has not catch up to 1 quarter of the revenue Apple pulls. You are just butt hurt because you got called out on your Stupid S-Sheep logic by another Android user and you got owned. I’m sure you think Android also invented Widgets and customization right? LMFAO!! Stupid S-Sheep.

          • Toetag

            Your a dumb internet troll aren’t ya? Anywhere in my comment say samsung invented wireless charging? Nope! I’m just stating that samsung has had this in their devices for few years now and Apple is following. Just wait till Apple goes with edged screen lol. Then we will see who is the copy cat.. go troll another blog u moron

          • Where has apple done any of this? Do you want to speak on RUMORS? because any rumors that gets leaked out from Apple , SWINESUNG jumps and follows like a Sheep. You avoid and deflected the FACT about SWINESUNG copying. And who cares about what Swinesung has had for years when PALM had it years before SWINESUNG so no one cares. Your just getting dragged all over this site so stop it. SWINESUNG will always be trash.

          • Toetag

            Dragged all over this site by an idiot troll hahaha.. ofcourse you’d say something like that. Your just a douche that tries getting a rise out of ppl. Enjoy your pixel. S8 will put ur phone to shame

          • Toetag

            By the way, didn’t google release a vr headset with the pixel.. i think someone else had that 3 years ago hhmmm

          • Toetag

            Well will you look at this..
            yes, u can say it’s nothing but rumors at this point but I bet a majority of this will be introduced in iphone 8. Edge to edge screen, OLED oh and wait no more home button. Hmmm pretty sure samsung is gonna beat Apple on that one when s8 releases.
            Troll that!

  • Santeri Peltokangas

    Fake, faker, fakest. This is as fake as they come, you can look at the status bar, and see that all of the icons and font are stretched, they aren’t like that in normal S7 Nougat beta. This is because in editing this photo, the creator had to stretch the screen size upwards, since there is no room in the S7 chasis to expand it to decrease the top and bottom bezels while keeping the same aspect ratio than the S7. I do believe that this is the general look Samsung will be going for, but this is picture is not the S8.

  • MQHD

    so my post showing the extra 2 photos, before photoshop, was locked, so yeah, fake i guess? i had like 6 reasons on why its fake imo

    • Hi MQHD. Thank you for moving your analysis here

      • MQHD

        yeah, sorry about that, i didnt know the comments had pictures allowed, mah bad

  • Jonathan Hayes

    I thought this was real at first too.. The analysis on thi brought up a good point as well. The screen, if made into pure white, makes it obvious that it overlaps in the corners. The so called leaked image also has too much of a bluish tint to it. If you look up that persons twitter page(the leaker), they have another so called leak of the S8 with the screen off.. But if you go to the bottom left hand corner of the phone, theres a spot in particular where the black overlaps the gold. It’s a very elaborate photoshop attempt in order to get a lot of twitter followers. Once this proves to be fake, that twitter handle is going to lose all credibility.

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