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  1. “it literally took us 10 years to implement a basic feature such as battery percentage without root. give us your money!”

    • It was always ‘implemented’, just on purpose hidden to the users, the same as hiding the activity triangles from the 4g/wifi bars at the top of the screen. I had the percentage shown for years on my phones (using various custom ROMs, but not rooted), but about 2 years ago I decided to hide it and so a big part of my stress has dissapeared. You don’t realize how many times per day (hundreds?) I was reading that battery number and was worrying/stressing about (will it last me to the end of day? wow did this task just drained 3% of my battery? etc etc). Now that I have no number shown, I just don’t care, unless I see an empty battery. It feels good to not waste time and sanity, stressing over that percentage. For the rare occassions that I must see the percentage, I just pull over the notification bar and it’s already shown there, it’s just one slide away.

      • Completely agree, even though I’ve had a Samsung S-series phone since 2012 (currently the S8+) I’ve always disabled battery percentage from showing in the status bar. A system statistic (that can be worrying at times) being constantly shown doesn’t match with phones / Android becoming more and more uniform and smooth in looks over the years. System stats like battery percentage should primarily be hidden behind the scenes, where the user can look at them if they want to. Always showing the battery percentage is like always showing accurate signal strength as numbers instead of bars.

        • Haha yes indeed, that’s really accurate comparison – showing signal strength as numbers instead of bars would be a headache for most of the users.


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