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Our primary goal is to help people discover leaks.

Slashleaks contributors can submit leaked content, such as text, pictures and videos.

Because we wanted to go far beyond, we allow our members to vote submissions up (LEGIT!) or down (FAKE!) in order to assigns them a truthiness rating (pending TRUST SCORE) which helps our visitors to track leaks veracity during their lifecycle.

Once a device made official, all related leaks are either marked as confirmed (CONFIRMED!) or debunked (BUSTED!).
However, the TRUST SCORE for each single submission remain displayed for the record.

Each single leak page on Slashleaks includes statistics related to the device itself, its brand, and its truthiness.

Leaks (/l), Brands (/b), Categories (/c), Operating Systems (/o) and Devices (/d) sections allows you to browse leaks by time period and current state (Pending, Confirmed, Busted).
Each section shows detailed statistics including the number of submitted leaks, contributors, comments, views as well as the truthiness rating based on members votes or final accuracy state.

Contributors Profile Pages tracks all of the leaks shared by our members and show off how accurate any contributor is based on his accuracy score and unlocked badges.

The Leaderboard (/u) ranks our members based on (in order of weight) their accuracy, the number of submitted leaks and the cumulative views.

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