Ultra Pixel CONFIRMED in Android P Setup Screens!!! LOOK AT ALL MEDIA


Please look at ALL of the media attached.

Please check out the attached video as well. If it doesn’t play, then view it in YouTube.

This device Pixel 2 XL. I did a factory reset after I updated to Android P since the phone had hardware problems and I was going to get it replaced. I noticed the Android P setup screen showed off that bezel-less device. So here we are.

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3 responses to “Ultra Pixel CONFIRMED in Android P Setup Screens!!! LOOK AT ALL MEDIA”

  1. zeroflte (S6 lover) says:

    are all pixel users this retarded?

  2. Santeri Peltokangas says:

    Stop it, get some help… OP has already posted this same illustration “leak” 4 times in a row after posting 4 other flopped leaks (which were official statements not leaks), a Google employee wanting to stir the pot and cause hype around the Pixel?

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