This might be the SONY XPERIA XA successor [UPDATED: XPERIA XA1]

5-inch / roughly 145 x 66.8 x 7.99mm / USB-C (moniker TBC)

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  • Z5p

    Sony is too insensitive…. Boxy rectangular, poor sound and huge bezel phones? Look at Huawei specially the new Curved Glass P9 phone how beautiful it is. Huawei is an amateur in the industry but look at how they aggresively prospered in the market. In Oman, you can seldom see Sony displayed in vendors’ shelves. Its either samsung, huawei or iphone. One time last month my friend and my boss ask me what i can suggest as they want to purchase new phone. He opened his browser and typed the specs he want (4gb+ RAM and 128gb+ memory) then no sony came out. They asked the specs of my phone Z5 Premium and they commented ONLY 3GB RAM and BOXY? Disappointed… The day after they both bought S7 Edge… So where is Sony?

    • Olsun

      This is for the average customer. 3gb ram shouldn’t even be an argument it holds its place.

    • The Hungry Testers

      Huawei and Lenovo urged with cheap powerpohones however they suffer a very short usage life. A shiny crap phones packed of random suppliers. Sony relies on good materials and solid ingredients so you don’t have to change the phone soon. No busy person can afford having a cheap chinese phone as it is never reliable.

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