Samsung S9 specs leaked

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    • Santeri Peltokangas

      Why would the CPU be marked as Snapdragon 845 instead of Exynos when Snapdragon processors are only used on USA markets, and this info sheet isn’t in English?

      • Abhijeet Mishra

        Actually, China also gets the Snapdragon version.

        • Santeri Peltokangas

          Then there might be some credibility to this leak, Samsung is still keeping the headphone jack!

          • Yeah, because it’s really hard to make a spec sheet. LOL.

        • Raymond Chuang

          China gets the Snapdragon 845 because of the need to support TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE, the two primary cellular standards used by China Mobile.

      • John Smith

        There’s a small chance that only Exynos will be used in all markets. I say that because previously Samsung claimed they would soon have their own modem with CDMA support, known as Shannon 359, which would mean they’ve reached an agreement with Qualcomm over licensing. The numbering of the SoC is interesting, previous 8890, then 8895, but now a big jump to 9810 which you would think indicates a big upgrade. Anyway, everything has gone quiet on this modem in recent times, so it may not happen. This leak just seems like nothing, a bit pointless, and I’m not liking that the numbers 5 77 that are used at the start of the article I read on this, which is a bit like hoax numerology.

  • Abhijeet Mishra

    The actual link

    Has a disclaimer about the information being informative, so nothing actually useful there.

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