Samsung Galaxy S8 Waterproof case

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  • MQHD

    probably fake for 2 big reasons, the render doesnt have “case maker quality”
    and this brand is not known to leak renders, so they are not reliable yet*, and prolly they just want some publicity

    • Geffá Oliveira

      I’m not that sure. The other case leak shows the same button placement, and something that got my attention was the fact that there is one cut in the top and another cut in the bottom on the same side, with same proportions…. at the bottom, there is another cut, that is not wide enough for a USB-C… but perhaps a S Pen, specially after the Note7 problem, a lot of fans of the pen are without nothing….

      I’m starting to think Sammy will go wild on this one. Dual speakers, S Pen, NO USB CONNECTION, and BIG on Wireless charging.

      • Geffá Oliveira

        And I will tell you more. Analyzing Ghostek case, at the bottom there is a microphone tiny hole, on the other case, in the same place, there is a bigger opening where people are thinking is the headphone jack… I’m starting to think that there will be no headphone jack also

      • MQHD

        they confirmed that the Note series is still going, so i dont think they will put the pen ON the device, makes no sense

        • Geffá Oliveira

          In this case it might be the hole for the headphone on other cases. Just interesting that this is the first time that Ghotek make a case without flaps for ports.

          • MQHD

            1- i dont see any ports not being covered
            2- the S8 is waterproof already, so is not needed

          • Geffá Oliveira

            1. I was talking about the other case that leaked. There’s an opening at the bottom right of the case. But is kind of a squared opening, that’s why I was thinking it might be for a S Pen.

            2. They make water proof case for iPhone 7 and the iPhone is also water proof….

          • MQHD

            then they just know now how pointless it is with this new beautiful design maybe?

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