samsung foldable phone leaked


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4 responses to “samsung foldable phone leaked”

  1. Bernie Chen says:

    This phone has been canceled

  2. BrokenLawSHAW says:

    Look at that Play Store icon as it’s dated from 2015 and it’s running Android Marshmallow. Most probably this model SM-G929F got canceled and never got released.

    • S6isBoss says:

      it runs android 6 yet that version wasnt even announced by google when the units shipped. that means they paid hard money to update it in ~jan 2016. they must have been confident in the product to update it and work on it for so long even when design was getting obsolete (nearing S7/S7 edge launch)
      also note that the apps button icon is from android 5.x for some reason

  3. SANDY says:

    cancelled prototype.

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