Possible Galaxy Note 9/S Schematics


3 AR Cameras With OIS
256/512GB ROM Options
6/Possible8GB RAM
9MP Front Camera
16MP Main Lens
Dual Stereo Speakers

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  • Jonathan Patino

    If this is the Galaxy Note 9, then Ill just stick with my Galaxy s6 a bit longer.

    • Muhammad Naqvi

      Its probably fake note 9 will have a embedded fingerprint inside display not on back. So its fake. With the s9 around the corner its unlikely it would have dual stereo speakers because the front bezel is almost gone on s9. S8 is getting dolby atmos in oreo so note 9 will have it as well and dual stereo speakers would not be needed.

      • iammulzibanu

        Dual speakers as in… Quality sound from the earpiece & the bottom right speaker providing stereo sound.

        • Muhammad Naqvi

          Oh nvm

  • Muhammad Naqvi

    Note 9 will have a fingerprint in display not on the back. There is no source so its probably not legit. We dont know where it came from.

    • iammulzibanu

      It’s a post on how things should be… The fingerprint scanner on the last two phones was inaccessible or hard to find. In this Schematics it’s much simpler to use because its large & vertically shaped. Also to those saying the fingerprint would be under the display. This is not possible in Q1 & possibly Q2 of 2018.

      • Muhammad Naqvi

        Note 9 is coming in Q3 2018

  • S6isBoss

    who let the stinkdians on the computer again?

    • iammulzibanu

      If could do a better design the opinion would be valid.

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