OnePlus 5 specs sheet & pricing info leaked online


OnePlus 5

Leak confirmation – 100℅

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  • Juan Camilo Mercado

    Seems fake, im just saying..

  • Matt

    If this is legit, then this phone is going to be an absolute beast!

  • Toucan

    Absolutely fake. Some of the specs may be accurate but they’re just guesses.
    The SnapDragon 835 ONLY comes with Bluetooth 5. This has it listed as 4.2.

    Either way, something is incorrect, which makes the leak fake.

    • We hope you did downvoted the leak to express your opinion properly.

      • Toucan

        No, I haven’t. I didn’t want to sign up an account for yet another thing. 🙂

        • This is not just another thing! This is /LEAKS! 😛

          • Toucan

            I am unworthy. 😀

          • No one is 😉

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leak added on 05/11/2017


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