Nokia 8.1 Plus case matches previously leaked renders.


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3 responses to “Nokia 8.1 Plus case matches previously leaked renders.”

  1. crack. says:

    Isn’t it a bit sketchy, that this pictures and the pictures of the recent OnePlus 7 case leak look the same, being the only difference, that they fit different phones? The first picture is Phone in case next to case, the second is views from the wide, the third is a case lying on the phone and the last ones are just views from behind…

    • Yash Khurana says:

      i don’t see a cutout for the pop-up camera in this. plus the positioning of the physical is a little bit different. but i could be wrong.

      • crack. says:

        Sorry… I should’ve clarified, that I meant different cutouts and not only size…

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