Leaked iPhone 8 wireless charging module [UPDATED: iPhone X]

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  • S6isBoss #SamsungKnights

    apple: introducing an innovative feature that nexus4 from 5 years ago had it built in!

    • Zyad Atef


    • Josh Brown

      Let alone the palm pre from what 7 years ago

      • S6isBoss #SamsungKnights

        Thanks, I didn’t know about that.

    • Christo Max

      ..and until recently, has always been a slower method of charging compared to using a dedicated cable/outlet.
      But let’s not stop the trolling circle-jerk. Carry on.

      • S6isBoss #SamsungKnights

        Do you think it’s going to be any faster? Look on the PCB. “5/10watt 0.6-2A” that’s as fast as samsung’s fast wireless charging (which is still slow).

    • And how’s your latest Android Phone perform over the 5 years old iPhone?

  • DavidB23

    Iphone: Yesterday’s technology at incredibly high prices.

    • Zyad Atef


    • S6isBoss

      yesterday? more like decade old technology

  • Luis Aleman

    That looks like a wireless charger not the one on the phone look at the left of the pic you can see what most likely be a lightning port to power up the wireless charger

  • Luis Aleman

    We had this tech since the galaxy s3 with Samsung but with the s6 we finally came inside the phone but the good thing about the other Samsung phones that came before the s6 was that you could just get a new back cover for the phone and it would come the pad in the back cover with iPhone you have to buy an adapter that would be hanging out of your phone

    Apple fans ??

    Android fans ???? to boring we had that for years

  • Carson Wotell

    apple doesn’t use green pcb’s in their iphones and that’s not a lightning port

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