iPhone 8 x-ray pictures shows wireless charging coil, stacked logic board and more [UPDATED: iPhone X]

Pictures allegedly taken by Foxconn employee during EVT stage.

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  • Santeri Peltokangas

    Is the empty space all room for a battery? If so, DAMN it will be a big one, maybe close to 4000mAh?

    • Srb Srb

      nope, since the phone is a compact one..around 143×71 so i guess around 3000

  • Rajorsi Roy Chowdhury

    Still using windows xp. lol

  • Oppaidragon

    they can easily fit the headphone jack at the bottom i just don’t understand how its not that simple i mean come on bring it back

    • Samuel Schiller

      it makes waterproofing easier. And bluetooth is better anyways

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