iPhone 8 Working Prototype Dumy Leaked! [UPDATED: iPhone X]


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3 responses to “iPhone 8 Working Prototype Dumy Leaked! [UPDATED: iPhone X]”

  1. Marc Pavlinec says:

    Wait.. so this is an iPhone with the rumored front of the new “7s (Plus)” and the back of the almost confirmed “iPhone 8”? I’m confused.. but I don’t think that this is THE “iPhone 8” we are talking about because of its unique front which is not found here. May be some kind of early prototype or very well the “7s”-model, but for that it would be too similar to the anniversary-“iPhone 8” in my opinion.

  2. Santeri Peltokangas says:

    It literally says iPhone 8 CLONE in the title of the video… You can tell straight away that this is a clone device running Android, not iOS, and that it’s not a real Apple prototype/device.

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