iPhone 8, 7s & 7s Plus – First Real Life Side by Side Photos!

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  • aylk

    Fake. Apple do not place regulatory symbols in the back of their phones, they appear in software.

  • aylk

    Those regulatory markings look very suspicious. Haven’t seen them on the iPhone 6, 6S or 7.

    • Jay

      They could be different depending on the country their headed to.

  • Will Mallard

    I just don’t see the finish on these being up to standard. Also why would they be shipped with the thin film that doesn’t even fit the screen.

    Also suspicious there are no images of the front of the device.

    These are (quite convincing) dummies.

  • Samuel Schiller

    These are just dummy units. The 8 is accurate but I’m not so sure about the 7s and 7s plus. As someone else said the real units will not have regulatory markings

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