Hands-on official iPhone 8 case [UPDATED: iPhone X]


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  • Srb Srb

    very interesting since apple original cases never had a cutout for the apple logo

    • disqus_MCH1WGg

      It needs the hole for the Touch ID the Apple loo gets covered. I’m guessing this is only for the 7S+ though.

      • Marc Pavlinec

        If this would really be a case for the “iPhone 7s Plus” then the leaked dimensional model would make no sense since according to that the “7s”-models stay almost unchanged in comparison to the iPhone 7(+) now, so TouchID in the back with a home button in the front wouldn’t be that smart (leaving the alignment of the camera out of question).

        • disqus_MCH1WGg

          There are only a few leaks that contradict the design for the standard-price iPhone 8 (Not the X) with the rear scanner. Those leaks were either renders or dummies. No real “hard” factory leaks. This model has seen lots of “hard” leaks. Very confusing, but just can’t be dismissed either.

          • Marc Pavlinec

            That’s true, it seems that there has to be something major up with the lot of rear scanner models that appeared until now. I can see it being not the “Anniversary” iPhone but the regular upgrade line with rear scanner and bigger display. It would fit to the rumours that Samsung is producing 6 inch panels next to the 5.8 ones.

  • Will Mallard

    This is a fake. Look at how poor the trimming operation is for the leather. If the hole is for anything it would be for wireless charging – there will be no TouchID on the rear (allegedly)

    • disqus_MCH1WGg

      Too many of them in that factory storeroom to be “fake”. It’s more likely to be real, just not an Apple product. Cheap cases for the 7S+ (Not the X).

      • Will Mallard

        That’s what I meant yeah … the headline says “official”, hence i said it was a fake. I’m certain that these are in production at a 3rd party based on existing dimensions and rumour.

        • disqus_MCH1WGg

          I like to believe that the days of rumoured sizes are long gone. “Official” case makers need to have the actual dimensions in hand (from Apple) by now.

          • They do not receive that information from Apple before the release, but the CAD of the iPhone 8 can be bought in China.

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