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  • Haskell Java

    from weibo again?? hahaha crapp..

  • Jean F. Rivera Ramos
    • What’s the point?

      • Jean F. Rivera Ramos

        they are using the same image as an article tittle would you think that is a generic image? or custom made image for that article? come on if it was a true image the title of the article would point out the image is a possible render of the device. Don’t you think?

        • OK. You should have told this in first place instead of sharing a link with no explanation 😉

          • Jean F. Rivera Ramos

            Ill take that in consideration for the next time!! 🙂

          • Thank you 🙂

          • Jean F. Rivera Ramos

            why still not marked as busted?

          • Haskell Java

            true, it should be busted.. only dumb will believe chinese weibo crap ???

          • We are convinced this is a fanmade render but we can not bust a leak without solid proofs.

          • Carson Wotell

            the edges are jagged, as if someone modified a galaxy S8 image to be more boxy, and then shrunk it to cover their shoddy workmanship. also on the bottom of the “note 8” the right corner is raised a bit higher than the left

      • Jean F. Rivera Ramos

        plus the wallpaper is found all over the internet since years before×960

  • Carson Wotell

    this is fake because on note 7 renders the wallpaper curves with the curve but on the “note 8” the wallpaper fades into the white on the edge of the render, and I don’t believe that samsung would rush a render like this, because why not just send in a cad file or a 2d schematic

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