Crystal clear new Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ pictures

(the source – a case making company – has requested to remain anonymous in order to avoid Samsung’s retaliations)

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  • Looks Samsung’s executive to me.

  • JS

    That case makes it look ugly.

  • And doubebags keep leaking these and Samsung will stop providing it early to case makers. Then we won’t have cases for devices when we buy them; other than the Samsung made ones.

  • what’s so special in this leak? the picture looks like crap. we will see anyway on 29 march the real s8

  • Lion King

    How the fuck kgi security analyst would know how popular or unpopular the galaxy s8 going to be, since he hasn’t even reveal a single leaked picture or info about the device? Evidently he’s being purchased by apple. He bases his prediction on the guess of probability based on the battery failure of not 7. iPhone 7 is an identified useless device and you can’t argue about that. Since I purchased iPhone 7 plus, already had replaced 4 times, and each time a newer problem. The most obvious ones are too many call drops and no audio heard on the other end, and the power button fails after a month into use. And I’m not mentioning other hardware and software issues, when the phone restarts and resets to the factory settings and erases the entire data all by itself overnight while not in use. Couldn’t be the hacker because I change password daily.

    The sheer poppycock in kgi analysts assessment lies in nonsense, because none of the leaks really have detailed the features and functionality of the phone other than the hardware perimeters. To attack the galaxy s8 and glorify iPhone 8 which is not even behind the horizon, yet apple uses up to 70% of Samsung branded components to put together apple products, how does that make Samsung a flop and iPhone a superior? All his assessments are sheer guess and poppycock. Because galaxy s8 has already gained popularity, they fear iPhone customers will jump onto iPhone. That’s right. I’m one of them. Saying goodbye to iPhone and apple products for good. The only apple device I mire right now is the iPad Pro 12.9 inch. But If iPhone 8 happens to surprise me, then I’ll get iPhone 8, but until then I will say iPhone 7 plus is a junk.

  • I agreed with you.

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