Clearer Google Pixel 2 XL screen protector pictures

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  • Muhammad Naqvi
  • disqus_MCH1WGg

    Those bezels are cringe-worthy. With only ONE rear cam and no headphone jack…they are DOA, like the essential. For the price commanded, people don’t want excuses, they want it ALL. They’re chasing the iPhone 7 with these pixels, not the LG V30 or Galaxy Note. Both of those are have-it-all phones.

    • Ismail Akram

      If the provide good headphones in the box it might matter less to a lot of people. I used iPhone 7+ 6months I wasn’t that much annoyed even I use my phone a lot than many and I use for multimedia, I’m using U11 and I love the included headphones. but front facing speakers on 2 XL feels amazing hope they are loud and powerful enough not like Sony speakers.

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