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  • Santeri Peltokangas

    You can tell that it’s not real when you look at the app opening animation carefully. It’s not the same animation that Apple uses in iOS (this animation is more simple), and the status bar gets replaced with a new one instead of changing color.

    And it’s very suspicious that this video is so short, if they really had a real iPhone 8 on their hands, they would show something else than changing 1 page and opening 1 app on a blurry video filmed in the dark.

    • MathewSullivan

      Exactly this. iOS animations are fluid and would never slide out / simply appear like shown. This is most likely a custom made HTML page / app ot user synced video with poor transitions.

    • Jay

      turns out it was real…

      • Santeri Peltokangas

        It wasn’t, the bottom navigation strip isn’t shown on the home screen in the real iPhone X, and the status bar doesn’t get replaced when entering or exiting apps, it only changes colors on the real iPhone X. The animation here is also very different and simpler to the one that Apple uses. Look at hands on videos of the X to compare.

        • Jay

          don’t go by how the OS preforms. It could be an early os and things could have been change up to the time it was presented…

          • Santeri Peltokangas

            But the OS is literally the only thing shown on the video, and in this case, it’s easy to cheat with a pre-made video that touches are faked on top of while playing back. Products that differ from the official release are not considered leaks of the official product like, dual-camera S8 phones aren’t considered legitimate S8 leaks. This should be considered a legitimate leak if the phone was shown on video, but here only software that differs from the official product was shown.

            I also find it extremely hard to believe that a prototype version of an operating system would be this polished (icons, navigation tabs), but still lack the core animations that normal iOS has had for over 4 years. Just doesn’t make sense, a faked video would be an explanation to all these problems, and to how vague and short the video is.

          • Jay

            No the screen is there along with the notch. The split itself is the give away. Count the icons going down. The duration and vaugeness are signs its geniune to me.. it doesn’t really matter though in the end because the phone ia out now.

          • Santeri Peltokangas

            The video is filmed in the dark, because that’s the only way that a video like this could be faked. The video can be played back from a bigger monitor, the darkness disguises the edges of the monitor, and makes it look like there’s nothing outside the phone screen with a notch. The black area outside of the notched display isn’t empty space though, in reality it’s display showing a black color.

          • Jay

            It still doesn’t matter.

          • Santeri Peltokangas

            It kind of does, since this faked video that doesn’t match what the real iPhone X home screen looks like was approved as a legitimate confirmed leak.

          • Jay

            It doesn’t match because the software was not final. Compare beta 1 of ios11 to the current. There were many OS tweaks.. but it sill doesn’t matter.

          • Santeri Peltokangas

            It wouldn’t matter if the software shown on the video really was an iPhone X running a development version of iOS, but it’s a faked video made with a video editor of some sort.

            An app opening animation on iOS would never ever look like the one shown on this video, because the core animations of iOS wouldn’t allow an animation to be that choppy and simple. Even most clone iPhones running Android have better app opening animations than the one shown here.

          • Jay

            Have you used beta iOS versions, they are buggy and lag on animations. Im teating on my 7 right now and have seen it first hand in the past. Like I said it still doesn’t matter, this is real just move on..

          • Santeri Peltokangas

            Animation lag isn’t the problem in this video, the animation shown here is completely different to anything that any iOS beta or finished version has ever used.

            I tested iOS 11 beta 1 (developer beta) on my iPad mini 3 right when it first came out, and the animation was nothing close to what’s shown in this video, it was actually much more immersive and smooth than animations from previous iOS versions.

            If you closely watch the person dragging his finger to move to the next page in the video, you can see that at one point the page moves forward faster than the finger that’s dragging it. This is impossible, because in real life use, the page always drags behind a tiny bit due to touch latency, it never goes faster than the dragging finger. Yet another sign that this video wasn’t even done live, and that it was a pre-rendered video with touches faked on top.

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