Alleged Huawei P20 prototype caught in the wild [UPDATED: HONOR 10]

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  1. Santeri Peltokangas says:

    Lol they even copied the iPhone X lock icon in the lockscreen, it’ll probably copy FaceID but have 2D face unlock instead of 3D. Interesting how case leaks have shown the back side camera setup to be vertical like on the iPhone X, but here it’s an exact copy of the iPhone 8+ horizontal camera setup

    • thepigletsquid says:

      It will have 3D face unlock, but slightly better than apples in that it uses a lot more dots to create the 3D mesh (they already announced that back in November). And it will have animojis too :p

      • Santeri Peltokangas says:

        The notch here is much smaller than the iPhone X’s notch, the notch has to house a dot projector, two special cameras for depth sensing the dots, a normal camera for selfies, a speaker, a proximity sensor and a display brightness sensor. All of these don’t fit in the notch shown in the first pic, it’s about half the size of the iPhone X’s notch, which is already packed as full of sensors as physically possible. This is maybe the middle priced version, there will be a lite, normal and pro version of the P20.

        • thepigletsquid says:

          Maybe you’re right- looking at the setup they previewed (×472.jpg) it does look too small to fit all of that. However, if the leaked road map (×683.jpg) is correct, there is only “P”, “P PLUS” and “P Lite”, no “P Pro”.
          The presence of the lock symbol at the top of the screen does suggest face unlock though, so maybe they have found a way to squeeze it in somehow!

          • Santeri Peltokangas says:

            Apple already squeezed in 3D face scanning components to the smallest space currently possible, there’s no way a Chinese company (that isn’t even able to get rid of the bottom bezel) is going to be able to squeeze the dot mapping face scan components to a space half the size. All face unlock doesn’t have to be 3D mapping, a lock icon can represent any type of face recognition, including recognition with the selfie camera.

          • thepigletsquid says:

            How is it not able to get ready of the bottom bezel? Because Mate 10? I’m pretty sure that’s for symmetry more than anything, as having a top bezel and no bottom bezel looks awful.

            I don’t think the new flagship will have a bottom bezel… And I think the notch will be narrower than the iPhone X, even if it’s not as narrow as in the pic above – but these are just my thoughts.
            Also not sure what the company being Chinese has to do with anything. I agreed with you “maybe”, stop acting like you know for certain, because you don’t, no-one does.

          • Santeri Peltokangas says:

            Things that are known for sure:

            The device pictured here has an LCD display, this was confirmed by XDA a couple of months ago, and you can see the backlight bleeding through in the second pic (true black in the bezel is distinguishable from the “gray” black of the LCD display next to it)

            Not a single phone manufacturer in the world has ever been able to remove the bottom bezel while using an LCD display, Apple removed it by using an OLED panel and bending the display around inside the phone to connect it with other internal components. The display has to somehow connect with the phone’s internal components, and there’s no room for this if every bezel is removed, and the notch is filled with sensors.

            Chinese manufacturers such as Huawei have a very poor track record when it comes to copying different features of western manufacturers successfully, and their solutions are usually full of compromises. The Mate 10 has a headphone jack and a QHD display, but the Mate 10 Pro loses the headphone jack and gets a decrease in display sharpness because it’s using an OLED panel. This isn’t a company that I’m expecting to beat Apple or Samsung in excellence of engineering, I’m expecting this company to continue in the same path of copying things as half-working marketing gimmicks to get people to buy their phones, instead of innovating like Apple did with the iPhone X.

            Having a bottom and top bezel of the same thickness is symmetry (like the S8 and Mate 10 Pro), having a notch and a full bezel at the bottom isn’t.

  2. sotaM rednaxelA says:

    Duaaaal sim.

  3. thepigletsquid says:

    isn’t it supposed to have 3 cameras on the back?

  4. SANDY says:

    Maybe lite one

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