Alleged Galaxy Note 8 smiles for the camera

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  • take a S8 with S Pen = Note 8 mini Leak 😀

  • MQHD

    not gonna lie, seems pretty legit
    and coming from this leaker? i mean..
    is at least a prototype imo
    happy to see more width, i dont like the s8+ having the same width as the Note series, i need more, or else is just a 5.7″ but taller

    • Thomas Orosz

      agreed s8+ is nice but wasnt wide enough…looked out of proportion!

      • MQHD

        no, i mean, i know what they are trying to do, with that 18.5/9 and im fine with it, but then i need a 6.3-6.5 screen

  • oplix

    looks 100% legit

  • Mike – Construction Contractor

    I prefer the width of the Note 7 over the Note 4. Unlike most of you, I still use the Note 7 every day. Yes – I kept it. The Note 7 fit great inside my pocket compared to the Note 4 (which I still use for other uses) feels bulky even though it isn’t much larger.

    • MQHD

      we are talking about the screen, not the size of the overall phone

    • Johnny Dwyer

      Just curious, how do you use the Note 7 everyday when Samsung shut the phone down?

  • roe jernigan

    I hope they make it way bigger then the s8 and a little wider. Im tired of the 5’7 screen…too small. Looking forward to the note 8 though…still have the note 3.

    • Data Grab

      Compensating for something i see…

  • …ima 757boy.

    I’ve been anticipating this phone since the Note7 scandal.

  • Raj

    Galaxy S8 plus with S pen

  • Rashad1050

    It could be real but I doubt it. Although, it does have the boxiness of the note flagship.

  • Ed

    It’s more squared than the S8, the screen to body ratio looks even better and you can also notice the S-pen commands icon at the bottom. It looks real for me

  • Andrew Caporale

    Zoom in. It’s an S8+ stacked on top of a note5 or 7, with a note 7 SPen.

    • #YOLOBRO

      Wow! Dude…Good eye. This picture is in fact a 8+ stacked on top of a Note 5 doctored to blend in at the right corner where they have all the writing with a stylus laying next to it. #BUSTED!!!

  • Johnny Dwyer

    I’ll be interested if this is the Note. If it looks like the S8+ just a little longer forget it. Something about the S8 and S8+ looks odd, and not in a good way. In terms of looks, the G6 is a more pleasing looking device.

  • Sin Shiwei

    terrible waste of money

  • MetromodephotoJavier Olivero

    I started with samsung galaxy note when I dismissed the iphone,once a note fan always a note fan for me! Can’t wait for its release”!


    That’s what I will have next Friday!!!

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leak added on 04/08/2017


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